Game Time Foundation


On January 2014 Nicole created Game Time Foundation, a sports nonprofit that provides baseball, softball, soccer & basketball equipment for kids in Colombia. Nicole collects them in Miami and delivers them personally to kids in active sports teams.

Since 2014 more than 2,500 children, ages 3-18 years old, have been helped with donated equipment. GTF has donated to 19 different teams/small towns in Northern Colombia.

Nicole’s family is from Colombia, she always knew she wanted to help and impact in some way but didn’t know how or when. When she went to Colombia in October 2013 to do 2 stories for her youtube page she got inspired to help kids through sports. Since nothing career wise was going anywhere she decided to leave TV on the side and start something bigger than herself.

Nicole believes her passion, sports journalism, lead her to her purpose in life, help kids though sports.

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